Agents for Recognizing and Responding to the Behaviour of an Elder

Karen Zita Haigh, Christopher W. Geib, Christopher A. Miller, John Phelps and Thomas Wagner

Honeywell Technology Center,
3660 Technology Drive,
Minneapolis, MN 55418

In the AAAI 2002 Workshop ``Automation as Caregiver"

We are building an agent-oriented system to aid elderly people to live longer in their homes, increasing the duration of their independence from round-the-clock care while maintaining important social connectedness and reducing caregiver burden. Independent LifeStyle Assistant (TM) (I.L.S.A.) is a multiagent system that incorporates a unified sensing model, probabilistically derived situation awareness, hierarchical task network response planning, real-time action selection control, complex coordination, and machine learning. This paper describes I.L.S.A's agents and present a scenario of the information flow.

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