RT-MLab: Really Real-Time Robotics

Karen Zita Haigh, David J. Musliner, Sunondo Ghosh

Honeywell Technology Center,
3660 Technology Drive,
Minneapolis, MN 55418

In the 2000 AAAI SSS `Real-Time Autonomous Systems'

A common misconception about real-time computing is that it is equivalent to ``fast computing.'' Many robotics examples in recent history have shown that without rigorous understanding of the resource requirements and interactions of the software, these systems are doomed to failure.

In this paper, we discuss our application of rigorous real-time analysis and execution methods to Georgia Tech's MissionLab system for robot tasking and control. In this paper, we describe RT-MLab, which combines MissionLab with Honeywell's MetaH real-time analysis and execution tool to provide real-time schedulability analysis and reliable real-time execution support for robot behaviour configurations.

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