Analogical Route Planning

This page contains pointers to the code for the system described in the paper "Exploiting Domain Geometry in Analogical Route Planning" by Karen Zita Haigh, Jonathan Richard Shewchuk and Manuela M. Veloso which appeared in the Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence. The abstract , Postscript (27 pages, 1.2 MB) and Compressed Postscript (27 pages, 324 K) of this paper are available.
  • PRODIGY, the planning and learning system, including Analogy
  • Triangle, the program which generates exact Delaunay triangulations, constrained Delaunay triangulations, and quality conforming Delaunay triangulations.
  • Data, the data describing the Pittsburgh map.
  • Map, a program to view the Pittsburgh map.
  • Since the system described in this paper used an earlier version of Triangle, we leave it to the reader to create the code connecting PRODIGY and Triangle, i.e, storing cases into the case graph, edge cost calculation, and Dijkstra.

    Old versions of edge costs and Dijkstra implemented with a Fibonacci Heap are available, but since the datastructures have changed dramatically, this code may prove to be more of a hindrance than a help.