Honeywell's I.L.S.A.
I.L.S.A. for Seniors
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I.L.S.A. for Seniors

You are an elder who lives at home and receives some assistance with health, personal, or home care from a caregiver or health professional. The Independent LifeStyle Assistant TM monitoring system (I.L.S.A.) will help you maintain a safe living environment, interact with home service providers (grocery delivery, cleaning, shopping, etc.), and stay connected with your communities—family, friends, neighbors, and doctors—from the comfort of your home.

I.L.S.A. will be customizable to your specific needs and budget—you are in control of your environment. You could take advantage of features that provide any or all of these benefits:

  • Remote control and automatic regulation of appliances, lighting, and temperature.
  • Monitoring of appliances, personal safety (falls, medical emergency), and medications.
  • Online communications with family, friends, community organizations.
  • Schedule management and reminders of medications, appointments, shopping needs, bill due dates, etc.
  • Monitoring of home security (forced entry, motion detection, fires, carbon monoxide).