Honeywell's I.L.S.A.
I.L.S.A. for Caregivers
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I.L.S.A. for Family Caregivers

You are a friend or family member concerned with the care and safety of an elder. The Independent LifeStyle Assistant TM monitoring system (I.L.S.A.) can help you balance the needs of those for whom you care with your other responsibilities. It can provide new communication channels to your elder, to healthcare workers, and to support networks. It can help assure you of your elders' safety in their own homes.

I.L.S.A. will be customized to the specific needs of the resident and any agreement between you to protect your elder's safety AND privacy. You may take advantage of features to:

  • Provide alerts when your elder is in danger, has fallen, or is behaving in an unusual way (not taking medication, wandering, not moving).
  • Remotely monitor medication use and eating, mobility, and toileting patterns.
  • Remind you of appointments and help keep a list of things to do for your elder.
  • Help you keep in touch with your elder, healthcare providers, community services, and support groups through email and a shared website.