Selected Publications

A Linear Logic of Authorization and Knowledge
by Deepak Garg, Lujo Bauer, Kevin D. Bowers, Frank Pfenning and Michael K. Reiter
11th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS), 2006
[Abstract] [PDF(467 Kb)] [BibTeX]
Fast Additive Noise Steganalysis
by Jeremiah Harmsen, Kevin Bowers and William Pearlman
SPIE Electronic Imaging, 2004
[Abstract] [PDF(403 Kb)] [BibTeX]
Improving Failure Responsiveness in Jini Leasing
by Scott Rose, Kevin Bowers, Steve Quirolgico and Kevin Mills
DARPA Information Survivability Conference and Exposition, 2003
[Abstract] [PDF(464 Kb)] [BibTeX]
Self-Adaptive Leasing for Jini
by Kevin Bowers, Kevin Mills and Scott Rose
IEEE Pervasive Computing and Communications, 2003
[Abstract] [PDF(565 Kb)] [BibTeX]