People, Data and Analysis
Pat Hanrahan

26 September 2013
3.30pm-Reception outside Auditorium
4.00pm-Lecture, Rashid Auditorium - Gates & Hillman 4401



Big data is a hot topic in computing. Most research has focused on automatic methods of data processing such as machine learning and natural language processing. Another important direction of research is how to build systems that can store and process massive data sets. An example here is map-reduce.

Unfortunately, what has been lost in the discussion is how people should use data to perform analysis and make decisions. It is unlikely that people will be replaced completely by automated deciion making systems in the near future. Hence, an important question to ask is what should people do and what should computers do? In this talk, I will discuss promising approaches for building interactive tools that allow people to perform data analysis more easily and effectively.

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