Courses I teach

15-121 Data Structures & Algorithms
A continuation of the process of program design and analysis for students with some prior programming experience (functions, loops, and arrays, not necessarily in Java). The course reinforces object-oriented programming techniques in Java and covers data aggregates, data structures (e.g., linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, and graphs), and an introduction to the analysis of algorithms that operate on those data structures.  Prerequisite: 15-112.

15-128 Freshman Immigration Course (FIC)
The Freshman Immigration Course is taken by first-semester Computer Science majors on the Pittsburgh campus. The course is designed to acquaint incoming majors with computer science at CMU. Talks range from historical perspectives in the field to descriptions of the cutting edge research being conducted in the School of Computer Science. Enrollment is limited to SCS Freshmen ONLY.

15-131 Great Practical Ideas in Computer Science (GPI)
Throughout your education as a Computer Scientist at Carnegie Mellon, you will take courses on programming, theoretical ideas, logic, systems, etc. As you progress, you will be expected to pick up the so-called "tools of the trade." This course is intended to help you learn what you need to know in a friendly, low-stress, high-support way. We will discuss UNIX, LaTeX, debugging and many other essential tools. Laptop required.  Enrollment is limited to SCS Freshmen ONLY.