Jacobo Carrasquel

Hi. Welcome to my home page.To see my picture click here.

I am an Associate Teaching Professor in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Also, I am the Freshman Advisor for the School of Computer Science.

Originally, I am from Caracas, Venezuela. I came to the US in 1979 and have been in Pittsburgh (and CMU) since 1980.

My wife is Cleah Schlueter. My granddaughters are Hannah 1) and Sarah (6).

I did my undergraduate and graduate education at CMU (BS MATH 1983, MMP IS 1987). I started working at CMU in the fall semester of 1980.

Most of the time I teach CS freshmen and sophomore level courses for majors and non-majors. These have been taught in different languages -- Pascal, C, Visual Basic, C++, Java, and most recent Python..

My open office hours for this semester are open office hours.

You can send me email.

Teaching duties

Other interests

My outside interests include running, hiking, biking, camping, reading, dancing, ethnic food, cooking, good coffee, music, soccer, and above all baseball.

I have run the Pretty Good Race and the 10K Great Race several times. Also, I have run the now extinct Pittsburgh Marathon 4 times. I continue to run daily, around noon time. There is a groups of old farts which get together and run around the different neigborhoods (Squirell Hill, Shadyside, Oakland, and Schenley Park).

My dog's name is Dobie. Unfortunetly, she is not longer with us. She was a very smart, cute loving dog (half airedale and half doberman). Above all, she was an excellent companion and a good listerner.

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