Academic Links


Great talks

'You've got to find what you love' – Steve Jobs

You and your research – Richard Hamming


Multimedia research

TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation


Machine learning & Statistics

MatlabArsenal  -- a machine learning wrapper by my colleague Rong

MILL – a multi-instance learning package I implemented


LibsvmSVM package

Fastfit Matlab toolbox  – many functions needed for statistics, by Tom Minka

Lighspeed Matlab toolbox – fast re-implementation of basic Matlab functions, also by Tom Minka

Matrix algebra for statistics – useful for folks working on equations, by Tom Minka again

ANN: A Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Searching

Auton Lab Software – a lot of efficient ML algorithms, including K-means, KNN, etc

Bayesian Logistic Regression Software



Peter Norvig’s site – a lot of technical articles from Google Research’s director

Algorithm tutorials at Topcoder

Introduction to STL – I learned STL from this

Practical Guide to STL – another good introduction to STL

SGI reference for STL – clearer reference than MSDN

Blueshoes – great sites on PHP and Jscript components


Text & NLP tools

CMU-Cambridge Statistical Language Modeling toolkit

Lemur ProjectIR and LM tool

MXPOST – a POS tagger


Computer Vision & Math Package

Open CV

Introduction to programming with OpenCV – a fast introduction



StatCounter – tool for website pageload and visitors statistics