Explore Pittsburgh

Some of the places in Pittsburgh that I have explored and might be of interest to you as well....

Pittsburgh Steeler (NFL team)
As a Pittsburgher, it’s hard not to be a fan of Pittsburgh Steeler, which just won SuperBowl XL – the fifth championship in its history.  

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
PSO is one of the best orchestras in U.S. and even in the world scale. There are 3 ways to get cheap tickets as a CMU student: buy a season pass (around $10 per concert), buy student rush ticket at 14$, and keep an eye on CMU Universtiy Center for ticket of only 8$!!!

Schenley Skating Rink
The closest skating rink to CMU, my fun place in the winter.

Seven Springs Ski Resort
This ski resort is a great by eastern standard (which means it is not-so-great compared with the mountains in the west), but it is only 1 hour drive from Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh Restaurant List (mostly non-Chinese, courtesy of my colleague Dorbin Ng)
In case you want to try something unique, this is the list you may want to follow. I've Most places are either close to CMU and UPitt, or at Strip District.