GMOV (A simple motion capture data viewer)

GMOV is a simple motion capture data viewer for Windows and Linux. It supports BVH and ASF/AMC file formats.

A screen shot of gmov

Source Code Download: (1.4MB)

Compiling and Running:
Command-line Usage:
gmov [-bvh filepath][-asf filepath][-amc filepath][-r mode][-s scale][-fr framerate][-hg][-gp px py pz][-gn nx ny nz][-help]
  -bvh filepath: loads a bvh file
  -asf filepath: loads an asf file
  -amc filepath: loads an amc file
  -r mode: rotates model: 0(DEFAULT) (rotate model: Y-up/Z-front --> Z-up/Y-front), 1 (rotate model: Y-up/Z-front --> Z-up/X-front), else (no rotation)
  -s scale: sets length scale
  -fr framerate: sets frame rate (AMC file only)
  -hg: hides ground
  -gp px py pz: sets ground position
  -gn nx ny nz: sets ground normal
  -help: shows usage
ex) >>gmov -asf ../../data/test.asf -amc ../../data/test.amc -s 0.056444 (Windows)
    >>./gmov -asf data/test.asf -amc data/test.amc -s 0.056444 (Linux)

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