Junchen's Photo

  Junchen Jiang

    PhD Student
    Email: junchenj@cs.cmu.edu

I'm a PhD student in Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University. My advisor is Professor Hui Zhang. I received my Bachelor degree in engineering from Computer Science and Technology Department, Tsinghua University, Beijing.



My broad research interests are in computer networks. My current projects are about Internet video, especially design and implementation of bit-rate adaptive player, Internet video measurement and better architectures that can drastically enhance the delivery quality of Internet video.

Recent Publications

  • Junchen Jiang, Vyas Sekar, Ion Stoica, Hui Zhang. Shedding Light on the Structure of Internet Video Quality Problems in the Wild. ACM CoNEXT 2013

  • Junchen Jiang, Vyas Sekar, Hui Zhang. Improving Fairness, Efficiency, and Stability in HTTP-based Adaptive Video Streaming with FESTIVE. ACM CoNEXT 2012, extended version in IEEE/ACM Transaction on Networking (ToN)

  • Xi Liu, Florin Dobrian, Henry Milner, Junchen Jiang, Vyas Sekar, Ion Stoica, Hui Zhang. A Case for a Coordinated Internet-Scale Video Control Plane. ACM SIGCOMM 2012

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