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A bit of a photo essay scratch pad...

My first and only car out for a fine day skiing. A 1988 Nissan Pulsar, it has so far gotten me one speeding ticket, one suspected drunken driving pullover (it was dark, I was lost, I was swerving to read the road signs, I have an Irish accent..), and a multitude of parking tickets. But it's got popup lights, and to oneup Kitt, the roof comes off.

Skiing does look easy on TV. I mean, if Eddy the Eagle can do it so can I. Right? Well, parts of it were easy. Ohh, and tilt your head about 20 degrees to the right when you look at these OK? Of course, the only reason I fell was due to backseat drivers ("Bend your knees, bend your knees"). I feel that the above picture offers conclusive evidence that I do ski with bent knee. I now am much much better at skiing. Except I snowboard.

A highly staged picture of me boarding.

Another highly staged boarding picture. From left, with Sebastian on the ground, there is Daniel, Joelle, Frank, Jaime, and my good self.

Lisa 'n' Boris in preparation for a fine evening of shopping at Gabriel Brothers...

Boris shows how to graduate in style.

Nathaniel shows how the young kids have birthdays, as Rosie, Beata, Rachel, Jesse and Boris are stunned by the flash.

The typical Pittsburgh nightlife. Not. No cameras in clubs, so this riverboat cruise picture from May will have to give the sufficently worldly, elegant, yet false, impression. I cunningly use perspective to look far taller than everyone.

At Brazil-Norway(?), world cup 94 in Detroit.

Not just a babe, also ex-roommate and cook extraordinare. The previous line was decided to be Politically Incorrect. We shall just ignore it.

Hanging out in Ireland with Damian & Guy.

Enjoying a fine meal in Pittsburgh '94, Aidan is now working in Washington DC, Ken on a vineyard in Corsica.

Sinead, sold out, and in the real world.

Rick, Jim, Juan and Rosie by the keg.

Hmm, somewhat euro/america-centric. Guess thats what my next 50+ years must address.

Life as a blond.

Boy brown styling.

Liesbet in some typical desolate part of the world.

Hanging out with Karena while way blonde.

Climbing while way blonde.

Road trip baby.

Strolling through arches.

Monument valley.

America baby.

Chilling at -several hundred in Yellowstone.

I take photos so you don't have to -- old faithful.

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