About Dr. González-Brenes

My research addresses real-life problems in communities with principled quantitative methods. My main interest is developing models that are not only accurate but also actionable. I focus on educational applications, and I currently work as a research scientist at Pearson's School Research Innovation Network.

My work has been recognized in the scientific and popular literature. For example, I have been nominated for best paper awards in the International Educational Data Mining and the Special Interest Group of Dialogue Systems conferences. I also have presented in Artificial Intelligence & Statistics , an honor for only 6% of the submissions (out of 400+ submissions). I am the happy first-prize winner of a 350+ international team data mining competition, predicting sudden traffic changes .


Carnegie Mellon University

Ph.D. in Language Technologies (Computer Science) 2013

National Tsing Hua University

IMBA in Technology Management 2007

Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

BSc in Computer Science 2003

Client Testimonials

  • I will be attending the Heidelberg Laureaute Forum

  • I am relocating to San Diego, CA

I have published in machine learning and educational venues. You can download my bibtex .



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