J. Ryan Miller

email: jmce+@ri.cmu.edu

I'm a student in the CMU Robotics PhD program. I work on the Autonomous Helicopter Project.

Some day I'll make a real web page ... really ... well, maybe not

Office:	        NSH Room 3124

                412-268-5570 (fax)

		The Robotics Institute
		Carnegie Mellon University
		Newell-Simon Hall
		Pittsburgh, PA  15213

HELI LAB:       BOM-D A-16

*NEW* Home:     315 Summit Ave, Apt A2
                Cannonsburg, PA  15317
                (724) 873-2002

way far home:
		20 Highlands Creek Way
		Oxford, GA  30256
		(770) 786-8298


Feel free to mail me: jmce+@ri.cmu.edu