Making a launcher

Using the 'Run' command or typing into a terminal isn't the easiest way to launch maya.

Step 1: Right click on a blank space on the panel.

Step 2: Select Add To Panel > Launcher ...

Step 3: You will be greeted by this window.

Step 4: Set the command to be what you type to launch maya. Change other stuff if you want.

Step 5: Press Ok. Tada!

Fixing Window Movement with Alt-Click

Sometimes you want to rotate the view in maya only to end up moving the entire maya window -- this is because Alt-LeftClick is a key used to mean 'move window'.
The following simple steps change the key combination to WinKey-LeftClick:

Step 1: Select Hat > Preferences > Windows

Step 2: This dialog will appear

Step 3: Select 'Super' instead of 'Alt'