Jeffrey M. Barnes
U.S. citizen
340 Amber Street, Apt. 4
Pittsburgh, PA  15206
  • Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
    Ph.D. in Software Engineering, 2007–present
    Advisor: Prof. David Garlan
    QPA 4.00 / 4.00


    • Architectures for Software Systems
    • Advanced Operating Systems and Distributed Systems
    • Type Systems for Programming Languages
    • Analysis of Software Artifacts
    • Privacy Policy, Law, and Technology
    • Significant Papers in Software Engineering
    • Modal Logic
    • Socio-technical Ecosystems
  • Macalester College, Saint Paul, MN
    B.A. in Computer Science and Mathematics, 2007
    GPA 4.00 / 4.00

    Semester abroad, fall 2005, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

    Relevant coursework

    Computer Science Mathematics
    • Database Management Systems
    • Design and Analysis of Algorithms
    • Principles of Programming Languages
    • Computer Systems Organization
    • Operating Systems and Computer Architecture
    • Theory of Computation
    • Design of Computer Networks
    • Learning from Data (machine learning)
    • Automated Reasoning
    • Discrete Mathematics
    • Linear Algebra
    • Matrix Theory
    • Advanced Symbolic Logic
    • Multivariate Calculus
    • Real Analysis
    • Topics in Analysis: Lesbegue Integration
    • Complex Analysis
    • Topology and Geometry

    Other: Intro Linguistics, Intro Psychology, Cognitive Psychology


    GRE General Test scores: 800 quantitative, 730 verbal (99th percentile)
    GRE Computer Science Test score: 860 (96th percentile)

Research Interests My research area is software architecture. In my thesis work, I am developing models and tools to support software architects in planning and reasoning about software evolution.
Refereed Publications
Other Papers
Research Activities
Work Experience
  • Intern, summer 2011
    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA
    • Used formal architectural modeling techniques to analyze the evolution of the ground software systems that NASA uses to support deep-space missions
    • Put research ideas into practice by integrating a theoretical model of software architecture transformation from my research into a commercial UML modeling tool used at JPL, using Groovy scripts to interface with the tool’s API
  • Software engineering intern, summer 2010
    Comcast Interactive Media, Philadelphia, PA
    • Worked with the syndication engineering team on the development of a standardized API platform for the organization
    • Established infrastructure to introduce support for three-legged OAuth transactions into the platform, giving our customers greater control over access to their private resources and enabling more-flexible use of the platform by business partners
    • Participated in the comprehensive redesign of a core API to adhere to the REST architectural style, greatly improving API usability
  • Software development engineer intern, summer 2008 & 2009, Seattle, WA
    • Helped to develop an automated test reporting and monitoring system used by software development teams within Amazon
    • Migrated the data storage engine from SimpleDB to MySQL and tuned its performance, improving back-end performance by an order of magnitude
    • Developed an interactive reporting front-end with a JavaScript charting component
    • Designed and developed an extensible validation component for a RESTful Web service
    • Built a standards-compliant caching HTTP client in Java
  • Web application development intern, summer and winter breaks, 2003–2007
    Geonetric, Cedar Rapids, IA
    • Designed, developed, and maintained complex, object-oriented Web applications using ASP.NET and SQL Server
    • Engineered functional modules to be installed into an existing proprietary framework, including an online shop and an e-newsletter system with sophisticated tracking
    • Worked with team members on core product functionalities such as a custom content management system
    • Worked with large clients such as hospitals and healthcare organizations
    • Applied technologies including C#, VB.NET, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, and XSLT
  • Help desk consultant, 2003–2007 (student employment)
    Information Technology Services, Macalester College, Saint Paul, MN
    • Resolved computing problems reported by staff, faculty, and students
    • Managed and trained other help desk consultants
    • Wrote training documents used by other help desk consultants
  • Web development intern, spring 2001
    Procend, Inc., Cedar Rapids, IA
    • Developed and maintained Web sites using ASP, HTML, and CSS.
Poster Sessions
  • Undergraduate poster session, AMS/MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings
    January 14, 2006, San Antonio, TX: “McKay Tantalizers”
  • Undergraduate poster session, AMS/MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings
    January 7, 2007, New Orleans, LA: “McKay Tantalizers”
    • Received an award for the quality of my poster
Technical Skills
  • Programming and scripting languages
    • Extensive experience: Java, JavaScript
    • Moderate experience: C#, VB.NET, C++
    • Dabbled in: Ruby, Python, Groovy, Perl
  • Web technologies: ASP.NET, JSP, Spring MVC, PHP, HTML, CSS, Ajax
  • Structured data protocols: XML, XSLT, XML Schema, WSDL, SOAP, JSON
  • Databases: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Development environments: Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Source control: CVS, Subversion, Mercurial, Git, Perforce