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Assistive Technology

Fall, 2005. MW 3:00-4:20, Wean 4601

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Instructor: Jennifer Mankoff HCII, 3601 NSH, (W)+1 (412) 268-1295
Office hours: By Appointment & 1-2pm Thurs

Course Description

This class will focus on computer accessibility, including web and desktop computing, and research in the area of assistive technology. The major learning goals from this course include:


Students will be expected to do service work with non-profits serving the local disabled community during one to two weekends of the start of the semester. This course has a project component, where students will design, implement, and test software for people with disabilities. Additionally, students will read and report on research papers pertinent to the domain. Grading will be based on service work (10%); the project (60%); and class participation, including your reading summary and the lecture you lead (30%).

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Prerequisites for this class are: Familiarity with basic Human Computer Interaction material or consent of the instructor (for undergraduate students) It is recommended that you contact the instructor if you are interested in taking this class.

Past version of class

Spring 2002