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An old picture and poster that sums me up reasonably well.

Here is a picture of me and my good friend caffeine.


Here are some random (and hopefully non-typical) recommendations:
There Are No Electrons
A great nonfiction book (well not really but...) by Kenn Amdahl. This book take a humours look at "true" electronics, starting from the basic idea that there are no electrons. A must read for anyone interested in electronics, anyone who cannot figure out electronics, anyone who reads, or anyone who wants to look like they are reading.
Science Made Stupid
From the basic principles of physics to a look at evolution, this book has it all. Even includes a check list for the future so that you can be sure to remember the day when the aliens first landed. It is even fully illstrated.
Island of the Sequined Love Nun
Or for that matter any book I have read by Christopher Moore. I won’t even try to describe the book, but if you are interested a short description (from Moore’s website) can be found here.
Tom Lehrer
Tom Lehrer was a piano player/singer/entertainer whose songs fit in perfectly with the word unique. With topics such as political and social commentary (of the day), science, math, etc. there is enough randomness to satisfy anyone. The music style varies from song to song to help convey the songs idea/humor.
Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie
A combination of Canadian and geek humor in song form! What more could you really ask for? Among my personal favorites is "Better Than I Am" and "Every OS Sucks". You can find their homepage here.
A good local Pittsburgh band. Their website can be found here.