Jeremy Kubica

Jeremy Kubica


My name is Jeremy Kubica. I am currently a fifth year graduate student (started Fall 2001) at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute in Pittsburgh. You can find my official RI webpage here and my official auton webpage here. My advisor is Andrew Moore and I am a member of the AUTON lab (Andrew's lab). My main research interests are in machine learning, data mining, and artificial intelligence.

I defended in December of 2005. My thesis was on Efficient Discovery of Spatial Associations and Structure with Application to Asteroid Tracking.

Before CMU I was a computer science undergraduate at Cornell University in Ithaca. You can find more information about both my current studies/research and my past studies/research in the research and education sections (see buttons on left)... and maybe some other places, because I tend to like to talk about my research.

And you can contact me at: jkubica gmail com (just fill in the @ and dots as needed). NOTE: My email address has changed.