Schedule of Classes and Assignments Spring 2005


Water Spheres
Lawrence Lee
Anthony Rogers
Craig Austin

Monarch and General
Abe Wong
Paul Zagiebaylo

Buggy Maniac
Mohamad Hassan Mohamad Rom
Tom Cauchois
Mike Polyakov

Yu Hiroki Kato
David Craft

Anand Patel
Chris Rotella

Probe It!
Norman Papernick

We'll try to stick to this schedule but there's always the possibility that something might change. Stay tuned to the announcements on the main class page for updates.


Week of Monday Wednesday
January 10
Week 1
Introduction and Syllabus (Jessica)
Panda 3D (Josh)
Lecture notes and sample code
Artificial Intelligence in Games (Josh)
Lecture notes and starter code (final version)
  • Path Finding
  • Combat AI

Assignment 1 out

January 17
Week 2
no class -- MLK Meet in WeH 5409 promptly at 6:30pm
Field Trip to Motion Capture Lab (Jessica)
Field Trip to Linux Cluster (Josh)
January 24
Week 3
Software Engineering Issues (Josh)
Project Proposal Guidelines (Jessica)
Motion Capture Technology and Motion Graphs
January 31
Week 4
Skeletal Animation (Jessica)
Euler Angles, Quaternions
Assignment 2
Addition for sketching interface

Assignment 1 due
Assignment 2 out

Networking for Games (Josh)
February 7
Week 5
mini/mid semester break
no class
Networking for Games (continued) (Josh)
February 14
Week 6
What makes a game fun? (Josh)
Lecture notes

Assignment 2 due
Assignment 3 out

Game Design (Jesse Schell)
February 21
Week 7
Terrain (Josh)
Lecture notes
Web page pointers due to Manfred for project pitches
Project Pitches (individual)
8 minutes/project
February 28
Week 8
Project Pitches (individual)
8 minutes/project

Project Assignments made (Tuesday via email)

Skyboxes (Josh)
Lecture notes

Assignment 3 due

March 7
spring break
Midterm grades due
spring break
March 14
Week 9
Simulation (Jessica)
  • Finding the mass, moi
  • Particles
  • Ragdoll Physics
Supplemental Reading:
Collision Detection (Jessica)

March 21
Week 10
Control (Jessica)
Checkpoint #1
Posted to game web page
Bump Mapping (Josh)
March 28
Week 11
Shadows (Josh)
April 4
Week 12
Guest Lecturer from Tiburon
Checkpoint #2
Progress Report as class presentations
April 11
Week 13
Sound Design (Ariel Winters)
Jessica out of town
Group Behaviors (Manfred)
April 18
Week 14
Character Customization (Josh)
Particle Effects
Checkpoint #3
Posted to game web page
Non-photorealistic Rendering (Josh)
April 25
Week 15
Cool Tricks with Graphics Cards
Guest Lecturer: Eric Yew
Novel Controller Devices (Jessica)
Special Effects Soup (Josh)
Final exam slot (tbd)

Final Presentations during final exam slot
Monday, May 9 5:30p.m.-8:30p.m. CFA 303
Post Mortem report due by noon the following day

End of Semester