15-493 Assignments


We will be using the 23 linux boxes in WeH 5336 for the assignments. Panda3d has been installed on them. You are also welcome to install it on your personal machines but you must turn in assignments that work on the machines in the cluster.

Setting Things Up

Instructions on logging in
Note: if you make these dot files from a PC you MUST make sure that each line has a carriage return and doesn't have the ^M character.

Disk Space on Linux boxes

Everyone in the class will have a directory in /usr0/15-493/ for temporary use on each of the machines in WeH5336. Those disks are NOT backed up and should not be used for long term storage.

Mid-term Exam

There will be a single "midterm" exam, about 2/3 of the way through the course. The exam will be in-class and closed book.


More detailed descriptions of the assignments will be handed out when the class begins the assignment.