AFS on CFA 317 Workstations for 15465/60414

Network distributed storage is being provided for 15465/60414. Access to this network store is available from both the Wean Hall  5336 lab and CFA 317 Clusters lab.

The following two sections, Configuring AFS and Using AFS, will detail how to setup and use your AFS space from the CFA 317 Cluster lab.
NOTE: The following two sections will refer to username and coursenum. Please substitute the relevant information, discarding the. For example, "coursenum-s06-users" should read "60414-s06-users" if you are enrolled in 60414.

Configuring AFS

Setting up drive mappings for course AFS space is only necessary once.
After logging in, verify that the AFS client has the proper credentials for your Andrew username. The Windows systray, located in the lower right corner of your desktop, contains a gold lock that displays "AFS Client" with a mouseover. Left-click on this icon. The "Tokens" tab in the resulting dialog box should contain a section that contains:

Tokens: username@ANDREW.CMU.EDU ( ... )
If these fields do not contain your Andrew credentials, left-click on the button "Obtain New Tokens...". You should only need to provide a password in the resulting dialog:

AFS Cell:
username: username@ANDREW.CMU.EDU
password: type your password
Left-click "OK".

Configure the two drive mappings for your course.
NOTE: You may not see this mapping in the current tab, immediately after creating it. If you select another tab, then reselect "Drive Mappings", the configuration should appear.
You may leave this window open, or close it, safely.
This network mounted drive is now available from "My Computer", under the section "Network Drives", and you may create a shortcut to it by left-click/dragging it to the Windows desktop.

Using AFS

Obtaining the proper credentials for the CS.CMU.EDU AFS cell is necessary to use your AFS space, otherwise you will receive an "Access denied" error message.