Assignment 1: Orientation


A.     Write a team contract in one page, naming the team, describing your talents and resources, deciding processes like meeting times, and saying how each member commits to behave.


B.     Identify five or more value ecosystems that may represent an opportunity for innovation.


In a 15-minute team presentation, illustrate the value systems by value graphs showing value flows. For important flows, identify a persona who has a need or supplies a resource. Justify the opportunity in each by explaining

      where there are imbalances,

      why the timing is right,

      where the money is, and

      when the system last changed.



You can present more than five if desired. I dont want you to focus on a specific innovation in any of these systems, although you can certainly have some in mind. For now, we are just studying the world as it is.


Grading Criteria

            Team Contract: 10%

            Completeness and quality of presentation: five systems, personas, and justifications:  50%

            Possibility and originality of any of the systems presented: 20%

            Style of presentation: 20%


Process hints

      You should spend some time simply getting to know each other—maybe while eating or drinking.

      It would be natural for each person to create one or two value ecosystems, but the entire team should select and improve them.


      You are not required to base your thoughts on the reading or lectures, but they should give you an idea of how I grade when its subjective.

      Any number of you can make the presentation, but rehearse multiple times so that you are consistent and not redundant.



Place the items in the teams Dropbox folder.