Assignment 2: Generation


Create a large number of possible innovations. Each team should present as many as it can in 15 minutes, giving a simple explanation of the service and explaining if it involves

Š      re-bundling a process,

Š      disrupting a market,

Š      enabling an entirely new activity,

Š      serving a new segment,

Š      leveraging some PEST factors, or

Š      anything else that makes it interesting.

You should not limit yourself to the value ecosystems from the Orientation phase, or in any other way, except to assume that you are a team charged with designing an innovative service for your organization or startup. You could assume that the organization has great financial resources, but it would only support your team with about $1M in the first year.


You should also produce a written report (10-20 pages), covering all the innovations considered, even if there wasn’t time to present them, and turn it in on the day of the presentation. The report can show value diagrams, PEST Analysis, Personas, or anything else relevant to an innovation, subject to the 20-page limit.



Grading Criteria

Quantity and quality of innovations suggested:  90%

I’ll give each idea a “promise value” from 0 (loser) 1 (plausible) add them all and multiply by 10.  “Plausible” means somebody might want it , somebody can supply it, and the players might be motivated.  Given the uncertainty it is probably better to generate many ideas (e.g. 20) than perfecting a few.

Use of sources: 5%

Style of presentation: 5%


Process hints

Š      Begin with an improv brainstorming session to create a list of ideas.

Š      Summarize each idea with a drawing and words.

Š      Check the internet, previous DMS projects, other people as sources of similar or related ideas.

Š      Select many ideas and identify the attributes listed above.

Š      Repeat.

Š      You are not required to base your thoughts on the reading or lectures, but they should give you an idea of how I grade when it’s subjective.

Š      Any number of you can make the presentation, but rehearse multiple times so that you are consistent and not redundant.



To avoid confusion among graders, please use a different, bold-faced, name for each innovation idea in the presentation and the same name in the report. Place the items in the team’s Dropbox™ folder by midnight.  Powerpoint is preferred for presentations, Word for reports; but I can probably cope with KeyNote, Pages, or PDF.

Also please fill out the two assessment surveys emailed to you earlier, by midnight.