Jonathan H. Clark
Language Technologies Institute
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Newell-Simon Hall 4502
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Office: Newell-Simon Hall 3612
Phone: (501) 351-1061
Email: jh{lastname}



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Jon's ASP String Tools Source


Event List Source
Formatter Source
Parser Source
Example Usages Live Source
All GCalendar Scripts ZIP

Bat (Windows Shell Scripts)

Kill Print Spool - Remove those annoying hard-to-kill print jobs from Windows XP.

Bash (Linux Shell Scripts)


TAR Backup - Source
TAR Restore - Source
Start Postgres - Source

Passwordless SSH

Key Gen - Generate a key for passwordless SSH. - Source
Key Update - Push new key information to all hosts on a network. - Source
SSH Prime - Enable passwordless SSH for a console session. - Source


DistCC Compile Script - Source
SCP All - Send a file via SCP to a list of nodes. - Source
To All - Send a command to a list of nodes via SSH. - Source
Screen Status - View the status of screen on a remote machine. - Source


Start Screen - Start a program within screen and log its activity - Source
Recursive Directory Size Source
Murder - Kill all processes whose name contains a given string. - Source
Recursive Find & Replace - WARNING: This script has the power of a howitzer. Use with caution. - Source
Enable NTP - Enable the network time protocol on a Red Hat box. - Source


Drink Holder - Eject the CD-ROM trays of an entire cluster at once. Source

All Bash Scripts TAR.GZ

Java Libraries

JonClark.Info - My own personal toolbelt of classes for working with everything from GUI's to Strings. Includes classes and source. JAR JavaDoc

Direct source access coming soon...

SQL Queries

Coming soon...


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