Jaime Carbonell

Carnegie Mellon University

School of Computer Science

Language Technologies Institute









Graduate Students

Curriculum Vitae

Selected Presentations

Past Projects

Past Affiliations

Director, Language Technologies Institute
University Professor, Allen Newell Professor, Computer Science
Affiliated with:
  Language Technologies Institute
  Computer Science Department
  Machine Learning Department
  Lane Center for Computational Biology
  Computational Biology, University of Pittsburgh
  Carnegie Speech (Intelligent Language Tutoring)
  Global Innovation Center (Analytics, Optimization)
  Dynamix Technologies (Scalable Applied AI)
Projects and Activities
  Context-Based Machine Translation
  Example-Based Machine Translation
  Machine Learning in Computational Proteomics
  Active and Proactive Machine Learning
  Machine Learning and Language Technologies in Biomedicine (e.g. Optimizing HIV Therapy)
  Wind Energy Optimization