Other Interesting Things

I love finding interesting and strange things online, so here is a list of some of my favorite wikipedia articles.
  • List of common misconceptions! When a spacecraft reenters the atmosphere, the heat of reentry is not (primarily) caused by friction, but by adiabatic compression of air in front of the spacecraft.
  • List of deaths from laughter. Totally how I want to go.
  • Words of venery! A sloth of bears? Really?
  • List of Auto-antonyms. Ahhh yea, homonym-antonym combos.
  • Fighting words. It's in the constitution!
  • Reality. Things that actually exist. Apparently this needs its own article.
  • Benford's Law! Totally crazy! The world is an amazing place.
  • List of numbers. "This list may be incomplete..."
  • List of animals with fraudulent diplomas. Apparently this is a thing!
  • Non-human electoral candidates! Caligula's horse, Incitatus, was a consul and a priest!
  • English double contractions. These are legal. Use them!