Meeting Notes from October 26, 2001

This meeting took place over the course of the three hours of class time that was allocated. Part of the work occurred in the NSH 1507 classroom and the remainder was done in Jodie's office.

The goal of today was to take our observations from the two studies that we have conducted so far, and organize the information so that we can understand how people use doors and perhaps discover where breakdowns occur in the system. Through this we were hoping to discover what our design should address.

The first step was to write a post-it note for each observation taken from our studies. The second step was to organize these post-its in an interesting fashion. Figure 1 shows our post-its at an early phase of the organization process.

Figure 1. The post-it board after all of the notes had been written and some organization had taken place.

After spending some time organizing the observation notes, we tried to apply higher levels of organization using post-its of different colors (see Figure 2 & 3). In one instance, we used a slinky to link one portion of the board to another.

Figure 2. The post-it board with notes representing higher-levels of organization.

Figure 3. The post-it board as we discovered the interesting categories that seemed to be interesting. Affordances for interaction, awareness, and effort to interrupt seemed to be linked, and together they represent door interactions that have some problems. These categories are loosely connected with a slinky in the figure.

From the board, we noticed that the main problem with door interaction are the interruptions that are caused by coming to a door, whether or not these interruptions are wanted. Based upon this realization, we tried to come up with a one sentence description of what we were planning to work on for the remainder of the semester. We had great difficulty with this. I took some notes during this portion of the meeting (below).

minimize effort to interrupt

facilitates interaction
spectrum of interruption from glancing into open doors to forcefully walking in and asking a question.

removing the yellow stuff...not really possible.  Should frame in context of the door owner.

minimize untimely visitors?  maybe not.

We did not reach resolution on this issue, and decided to take the weekend to think about it.

To Do Items