Adventures in Screenprinting


  1. Find wug image on the internet.
  2. Gimp wug image into bitmap.
  3. Trace with potrace (using -c to avoid compression)
  4. Use fontforge to clean it up a bit
  5. Use illustrator to place on the page, make a second, inner wug
  6. Print out
  7. Purchase: (for a total of <$20)
  8. Cut off about 10" square of the fabric, put it in the embroidery hoop.
  9. Trace the printed-out design onto the fabric. I was using a rollerball pen --- not a good idea. It bled all over the place. I think I'll consider using a cheap Bic ballpoint in the future.
  10. Cover negative space with Mod-Podge, using a brush. This is the long, hard, but somewhat fun part: it took me about an hour.
  11. Attempt 1: Brush ink through screen onto paper. Produced really poor results. Very hard to apply even pressure through screen with brush.
  12. Attempt 2: Squeegee ink through screen by scraping across with old Blockbuster card. Result: Passable print, but I think I have to wait for the screen to dry thoroughly between washings. There was a lot of bleeding. The Blockbuster card is a little flimsier than I want, but I found one of those credit-card offer envelopes that have a non-valid credit card in them. I think I'll try using that tomorrow.
  13. Next day: credit-card not much less flimsy. Discovered that I get better results with more ink and more gentle pressure.
  14. Tried printing on old T-shirt that I was going to throw away. I think I need even more ink for fabric.