J.D. Crowe
I've long been an admirer of J.D. Crowe's music. I don't mean just his banjo playing, even though I've spent my share of evenings in various venues practicing three-finger rolls on the side of a beer bottle while my mouth hung open at a hot lick. I mean music in the larger sense, in his ability to assemble a band and hone performances that define and redefine what bluegrass should be. Working on the discography brought home to me the range of music J.D. has been involved in--pure traditional with Jimmy Martin, progressive and country with the New South, and a fresh look at tradition with the Bluegrass Album Band. This page attempts to document J.D.'s career with a discography and references to articles and published tablatures for further study of his banjo style.

Bluegrass has always been an oral/aural tradition--its history mainly consists of stories told around a picking circle and old records on obscure labels. Documenting that history requires chasing a thousand different threads, and you still can't be sure you have all of them. For this reason, I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has information on additional recordings, articles relevant to J.D.'s career, or who has photographs I could scan. I have a list of specific questions that I'm currently working on--any help you can offer will be appreciated! I'm also interested in any live audio or video tapes you might have.

JD now has an official web page!

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