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The infamous original cover of Rounder 0044.
Rounder 0044 original

With Jimmy Martin at Mockingbird Hill, Indiana, in 1960. Photo courtesy of Ken Landreth. That's Paul Williams on mandolin and Herb Hooven on fiddle.
Mockingbird Hill

At the Festival of the Bluegrass, Lexington, 1978-79? (Can anybody put a better date on it?)
J.D. Crowe J.D. Crowe


JD and Paul Williams playing with Jimmy Martin, Cherokee, NC, October, 1995.
These were taken by Greg Porcu from France
J.D. Crowe J.D. Crowe


JD at the Barbican Theatre, London, April 11, 1998. Cover photo from the May, 1998, issue of the North West Bluegrass News Magazine, taken by Derek Brandon.
J.D. Crowe

JD and the boys at the 1998 IBMA Fan Fest in Lousville (click on the image for larger versions).
Many thanks to Jean-Marc Delon for the photos.

Phil Leadbetter's web page has a bunch of great photos, including Crowe 'n 'em in Europe and on the Opry.

Acutab Photos from Acutab

Doc Hamilton's page always has a few good ones.

JD & TNS at the Red Mule Festival in Berea, 1997 (sound files also available!)

JD's RB-75, from the Gibson page.

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