Introduction to Modern Photogrammetry

Edward M. Mikhail, Purdue University

James Bethel, Purdue University

J. Chris McGlone, Carnegie Mellon University

with contributions by David Landgrebe and Tom Ager

John Wiley and Sons, Inc.  ISBN: 0-471-30924-9

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Resources, by chapter:

Chapter 1: Introductory Concepts 
Photogrammetric societies Academic institutions
Government agencies Journals and publications

Chapter 2: Elementary Photogrammetry

Chapter 3:  Photogrammetric Sensing Systems
Aerial cameras Satellite sensors

Chapter 4: Mathematical Concepts in Photogrammetry

Chapter 5: Resection, Intersection, and Triangulation 
Triangulation software  Navigation sensors

Chapter 6: Digital Photogrammetry 
Digital image processing Computer vision
Computer graphics Visual simulation

Chapter 7: Photogrammetric Instruments

Instrument and workstation manufacturers

Chapter 8: Photogrammetric Products 
Imagery sources  Digital cartographic data sources GIS resources
Mapping companies Data formats Data standards

Chapter 9; Close-range Photogrammetry 
Workstation and camera manufacturers Service companies Close-range projects

Chapter 10: Analysis of Multispectral and Hyperspectral Image Data 
Software Resources

Chapter 11: Active Sensing Systems