//TRACE -- Parallel Trace Replay with Approximate Causal Events
Michael Mesnier, Matthew Wachs, Julio López, Raja Sambasivan, James Hendricks and Greggory Ganger

Parallel Data Laboratory
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA


//TRACE1 is a new approach for extracting and replaying traces of parallel applications to recreate their I/O behavior. Its tracing engine automatically discovers inter-node data dependencies and inter-I/O compute times for each node (process) in an application. This information is reflected in per-node annotated I/O traces. Such annotation allows a parallel replayer to closely mimic the behavior of a traced application across a variety of storage systems. When compared to other replay mechanisms, //TRACE offers significant gains in replay accuracy. Overall, the average replay error for the parallel applications evaluated in this paper is below 6%.

1 Pronounced "parallel trace"

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