Roller hockey courts


Roller hockey rinks close to the Pitt / CMU campuses

  1. Greenfield deck, located in Greenfield under the parkway (I-376) on the other side of the Panther Hollow Trail.  It is next to the intersection of Boundary St and Four Mile Run (directions).
  2. Boundary street deck.  Located at Neville/Boundary street along the west border of Schenley Park, close to the Panther Hollow trail / pond. (directions)
    Boundary St. is interrupted by the Panther Hollow trail, so there's no easy way to go by car from the Boundary st. rink to the Greenfield rink, even though they are just 1 mile apart.
  3. Schenley Park rink: Overlook drive in Schenley Park (directions).  According to their website they run a hockey league program.  The rink also has pickup roller hockey games on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. during the Summer.  During the winter the rink has public ice skating sessions.
  4. Hobart st. deck. between Wightman and Murray, that is, between 5600 to 5800 Hobart st. (directions).

    See directions to these courts below.

    Other courts not shown in the map.

  5. Highland park deck.
  6. Bloomfield deck. Located at the corner of Cypress st. and Osceola st. (5148 Cypress st.)


Use either mapblast or mapquest to obtain directions to the rinks. Below are directions to the rinks from the corner of Tech st. at Frew st. (Skibo gym / GSIA building at CMU). The starting position is indicated by a red and yellow circle in the map.

  1. To the Greenfield court:
    (Boundary St. and Four Mile Run):
    1. Make your way to Schenley Park towards the Phipps Conservatory Garden and pass over the Panther Hollow bridge heading away from Phipps.
    2. Once you're over the bridge, bear right to head west on to Boulevard of the Allies.
    3. Boulevard of the Allies takes a bridge that connects Schenley park with Oakland, and immediately after that bridge take the first left. (Parkview ave).  Note: if you want to start coming from somewhere else and head down Boulevard in the other direction (i.e., East), just make the last right before the bridge.
    4. Go on to Parkview ave. for one (relatively long) block until you come to a stop sign.
    5. Take a left at the stop sign and you'll follow a winding road (Swinborne st.) down a hill and across a bridge to a T-stop.
    6. Make a right at the T-stop and at the bottom of the hill is a stop light where you will make a tight right.
    7. Go through the first stop sign you see and make a left at the next street.
    8. You'll be heading directly under the I-376 bridge, and on your right behind the large cement pylon is the court.


  2. To the Boundary st. deck:
    (345 Boundary st.)

    From the corner of Frew st. and Tech st.

    1. Go towards Forbes Ave:  
      • Go north on Tech st. to the stop sign.
      • Make a right on to Margaret Morrison st. and go to the stop light at Margaret Morrison st. and Forbes ave.
    2. Make a left on to Forbes Ave. and pass three traffic lights (at Beeler, Morewood and the Morewood parking lot).
    3. At the fourth traffic light turn right on to Craig st. and go for one block.
    4. Turn right on Filmore St. and go all the way down to the intersection with South Neville st.
    5. Turn right on S. Neville st. and go under the Forbes ave. bridge. and cross the railroad tracks.  S. Neville st. becomes Boundary st.
    6. Go southwest on S. Neville st. / Boundary st. past a stop sign at the intersection with Joncaire st. (a cobblestoned street that goes up).  There should be a parking lot on your left.
    7. Stay on Boundary st. and make a left at the first street after the parking lot (go around the parking lot).
    8. Go forward approximately 1 block. The deck is on the right, near a children's playground.


    1. From Frew St. go to the narrow "back" street on the west side of the CMU campus. This is the street that joins S. Neville st. under the bridge on Forbes ave. (runs parallel to the Penn Central railroad). Go north on this street towards S. Neville st.
    2. Make a sharp left turn and cross the railroad on Neville St. and continue at step 6 above.


  3. To the Schenley Park rink:
    1. Start at Frew st and Tech ave. (Corner of GSIA and Skibo gym)
    2. Go south and turn right at the stop sign on to Schenley dr.
    3. At the next stop sign (right before reaching the Phipps Conservatory Garden) turn left on Wilmont Rd. and go over the Panther Hollow bridge.
    4. After the bridge go through the underpass (left lane) of Boulevard of Allies / Panther Hollow Rd.
    5. In the left curve after the underpass, there is a small aperture to the right to get onto Overlook dr.  That is, bear right on Overlook dr.
    6. Go up on Overlook dr. to the top of the hill.  The rink is on the left side, close to the tennis courts and the soccer field.


  4. To the Hobart st. deck:
    (5700 Hobart st)
    1. Start at Frew st and Tech ave. (Corner of GSIA and Skibo gym)
    2. Go south and turn left at the stop sign on to Schenley dr.
    3. Go up on Schenley dr. until you reach Forbes ave.
    4. Follow Forbes ave. until the next traffic light (at Wightman st.)
    5. Turn right on to Wightman st. and go past one traffic light at Beacon st. until the next light at Hobart st.
    6. Turn left on to Hobart st.  The rink is located on the right in the middle of block, next to a playground, a tennis court and a basketball court.

Disclaimer:  The information on this page might be incorrect or out of date.  Use it at your own risk.