lift=body weight. tex2html_wrap193 with tex2html_wrap194 with tex2html_wrap195 degrees. so tex2html_wrap196 .

Then cruise velocity set by tex2html_wrap197 . So tex2html_wrap198 .

Scaling: tex2html_wrap201 , and tex2html_wrap202 , so tex2html_wrap203

737 has short wings to increase speed.

Power required to fly:

drag: tex2html_wrap204 induced drag + tex2html_wrap205 parasitic drag...friction.

tex2html_wrap206 mass of air deflected down, something like tex2html_wrap207 . Then tex2html_wrap208

tex2html_wrap209 . There is a minimum power needed to fly.


Velocity for maximum range: tex2html_wrap211

This means minimum power to fly is: tex2html_wrap212 . Maximum distance is tex2html_wrap213 . Assume tex2html_wrap214 , you get: tex2html_wrap215

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