Assume a corner of angle tex2html_wrap167 in a conductor.

tex2html_wrap168 .

This seperates into 2 equations: tex2html_wrap169 and tex2html_wrap170 . The second equation has solution of exponentials or linear term for tex2html_wrap171 . The first equation is solved by tex2html_wrap172 , tex2html_wrap173 , or for tex2html_wrap171 , tex2html_wrap175 . The general solution is a superposition of all these solutions. tex2html_wrap176

tex2html_wrap177 : tex2html_wrap178 and tex2html_wrap179 so we want tex2html_wrap180 to satisfy tex2html_wrap181 tex2html_wrap182 . Must have tex2html_wrap183 in order to avoid the singularity. so tex2html_wrap184 . Very near to the cornet, you will get only the lowest order terms contributing. Then tex2html_wrap185 tex2html_wrap186 .

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