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HCI-899: Research Topics in Ubiquitous Computing


This is a rough outline of the course and is subject to change.

Date Topic Readings Speaker Slides
Mon Aug 30 No class

Visions and Challenges
Wed Sep 01 Course Intro Jason Slides
Mon Sep 06 Labor Day, No Class
Wed Sep 08 Visions of Ubiquitous Computing
  • The Computer for the Twenty-First Century, by Mark Weiser
  • Synthetic Serendipity, by Vernor Vinge
  • Mike Villa's World, by Harry Goldstein

    (Only two summaries required, one for the first reading by Weiser, another for the second and third readings)

  • Jason Slides
    Mon Sep 13 Challenges in Ubicomp #1
  • The Origins of Ubiquitous Computing Research at PARC in the Late 1980s, by Mark Weiser, Rich Gold, John Seely Brown (no summary required)
  • Charting Past, Present, and Future Research in Ubiquitous Computing (PDF), by Gregory Abowd and Elizabeth Mynatt

  • (Optional Reading) Some Computer Science Issues in Ubiquitous Computing (PDF), by Mark Weiser
  • Pedram and Danny
    Wed Sep 15 Challenges in Ubicomp #2
  • Beyond Prototypes: Challenges in Deploying Ubiquitous Systems (PDF), by Nigel Davies and Hans-Werner Gellersen
  • Disappearing Hardware (PDF), by Roy Want, Trevor Pering, Gaetano Borriello, Keith Farkas
  • Mega-Utilities Drive Invisible Technologies (PDF), by Bill Schilit

    (Note: since these are survey papers, only one summary needed for all three readings)

  • (Optional Reading) Pervasive Computing: Vision and Challenges (PDF), by Satya
  • Bill
    Mon Sep 20 Calm Computing
  • The Coming Age of Calm Technology, by Mark Weiser and John Seely Brown
  • Unremarkable Computing (PDF), by Peter Tolmie, James Pycock, Tim Diggins, Allan Maclean, and Alain Karsenty

  • (Optional Reading) Seeing the Invisible (PDF), by Jeffrey Heer and Peter Khooshabeh
  • Hari Slides

    Context-Aware Computing
    Wed Sep 22 Intro to Context-Aware Computing
  • Challenges in Implementing a Context-Aware System, by Satya (no summary needed)
  • WhereWare (PDF), by Eric Pfeiffer
  • Context-Aware Computing Applications (PDF), by Bill Schilit, Norman Adams, and Roy Want
  • Jason
    Mon Sep 27 Context #1
  • Making Sense of Sensing Systems: Five Questions for Designers and Researchers (PDF), by Victoria Bellotti, Maribeth Back, Keith Edwards, Rebecca Grinter, Austin Henderson, and Cristina Lopes
  • Karen
    Wed Sep 29 Context #2
  • Coping with Uncertainty, by Satya (no summary needed)
  • Distributed Mediation of Ambiguous Context in Aware Environments, by Anind Dey, Jenniffer Mankoff, Gregory Abowd, and Scott Carter
  • Particle Filters for Location Estimation in Ubiquitous Computing: A Case Study

  • (Optional Reading) The Context Toolkit: Aiding the Development of Context-Enabled Applications, by Daniel Salber, Anind Dey, and Gregory Abowd
  • Janette and Whitney
    Mon Oct 04 Location #1
  • Expanding the Horizons of Location-Aware Computing (PDF), by Roy Want and Bill Schilit (no summary needed)
  • Location Systems for Ubiquitous Computing (PDF), by Jeffrey Hightower and Gaetano Borriello
  • Providing Location Information in a Ubiquitous Computing Environment (PDF), by Mike Spreitzer and Marvin Theimer
  • Hari and Lorri
    Wed Oct 06 Location #2
  • The Location Stack: A Layered Model for Location in Ubiquitous Computing (PDF), by Jeffrey Hightower, Barry Brummitt, and Gaetano Borriello
  • Challenge: Ubiquitous Location-Aware Computing and the Place Lab Initiative, by Bill Schilit et al

  • (Optional reading) Challenges in Location-Aware Computing (PDF), by Cynthia Patterson, Richard Muntz, and Cheri Pancake
  • James and Jim
    Mon Oct 11 Prototyping Tools
  • a CAPpella: Programming by Demonstration of Context-Aware Applications, by Anind Dey, Raffay Hamid, Chris Beckmann, Ian Li, Daniel Hsu
  • Topiary: A Tool for Prototyping Location-Enhanced Applications, by Yang Li, Jason Hong, and James Landay
  • Kenton

    Ubicomp Applications
    Wed Oct 13 Communication / Smart Mobs
  • Context-Aware Communication, by Bill Schilit, David Hilbert, and Jonathan Trevor
  • Karen
    Mon Oct 18 Smart Homes
  • At Home with Ubiquitous Computing: Seven Challenges, by Keith Edwards and Rebecca Grinter
  • Casablanca: Designing Social Communication Devices for the Home, by Debby Hindus et al
  • Lorri
    Wed Oct 20 Workspaces
  • The Interactive Workspaces Project: Experiences with Ubiquitous Computing Rooms, by Brad Johanson, Armando Fox, and Terry Winograd
  • i-Land: An Interactive Landscape for Creativity and Innovation, by Norbert Streitz et al
  • Christian
    Mon Oct 25 Capture and Access
  • INCA: A Software Infrastructure to Facilitate the Construction and Evolution of Ubiquitous Capture & Access Applications, by Khai Truong and Gregory Abowd
  • Designing Capture Applications to Support the Education of Children with Autism, by Gillian Hayes et al
  • Janette
    Wed Oct 27 Developing Countries
  • CMU project envisions computers even the poorest Third World farmer could use, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • Fishermen on the Net, Economist Magazine
  • Tech's Future, BusinessWeek
  • DakNet: Rethinking Connectivity in Developing Nations

    Only two summaries, one for DakNet, and one for the rest. I'm out of town, so please email them to me, Pedram will be running the class Wednesday.

  • Pedram

    Mon Nov 01 Intro to Privacy
  • Privacy: The Achilles Heel of Pervasive Computing?, by Satya
  • Sensors & Sensibility, by Jean Kumagai and Steven Cherry
  • We Like to Watch, by Harry Goldstein
  • Wireless Location Privacy Protection (PDF), by Bill Schilit, Jason Hong, and Marco Gruteser

    (Note: These are all short overviews of privacy issues in ubicomp, so only one summary required for all four readings)

  • (Optional Reading) An Architecture for Privacy-Sensitive Ubiquitous Computing (PDF), by Jason Hong and James Landay

    (This is my dissertation work, but it would be awkward and somewhat unfair of me to require you to read it)

  • Jason
    Wed Nov 03
  • Design for Privacy in Ubiquitous Computing Environments (PDF), by Victoria Bellotti and Abigail Sellen (please note it prints backwards)
  • Privacy by Design - Principles of Privacy-Aware Ubiquitous Systems (PDF), by Marc Langheinrich

  • (Optional Reading) Privacy Risk Models for Designing Privacy-Sensitive Ubiquitous Computing (PDF), by Jason Hong, Jennifer Ng, Scott Lederer, and James Landay
  • Danny and Whitney
    Mon Nov 08
  • Unpacking "Privacy" for a Networked World, by Leysia Palen and Paul Dourish
  • Location Disclosure to Social Relations: Why, When, and What People Want to Share
  • Danny
    Wed Nov 10
  • Presenting Choices in Context: Approaches to Information Sharing (PDF), by Jonathan Grudin and Eric Horvitz
  • Progress and Open Problems in Privacy Computation for Ubicomp (PDF), by John Canny
  • Privacy through Broadcast and Anonymous Response (PDF), by Gaetano Borriello
  • Proactive Data Sharing to Enhance Privacy in Ubicomp Environments (PDF), by Dirk Balfanz, Philippe Golle, Jessica Staddon

    (These are all short 3-4 page workshop papers, but do separate summaries. 3-4 sentences on each paper is fine.)

  • Guy

    Ubicomp Architectures
    Mon Nov 15 Intro to Architectures
  • System Software for Ubiquitous Computing, by Tim Kindberg and Armando Fox
  • Connecting the Physical World with Pervasive Networks, by Estrin et al
  • Jason
    Wed Nov 17
  • Challenge: Recombinant Computing and the Speakeasy Approach, by Edwards et al
  • People, Places, and Things: Web Presences for the Real World, by Kindberg et al
  • Jeff
    Mon Nov 22 RFIDs
  • Bridging Physical and Virtual Worlds with Electronic Tags, by Roy Want, Kenneth Fishkin, Anuj Gujar, and Beverly Harrison
  • Mining Models of Human Activities from the Web, by Mike Perkowitz et al

  • (optional) RFID: A Key to Automating Everything, by Roy Want (a good intro to RFIDs)
  • Guy and Christian
    Wed Nov 24 Thanksgiving, no classes
    Mon Nov 29 Sensor Nets #1
  • Query Processing in Sensor Networks, by Johannes Gehrke and Samuel Madden
  • TAG: a Tiny AGgregation Service for Ad-Hoc Sensor Networks, by Samuel Madden, Michael Franklin, Joseph Hellerstein, and Wei Hong
  • Bill
    Wed Dec 01 Ubicomp Security
  • Security for Whom? The Shifting Security Assumptions of Pervasive Computing, by Frank Stajano
  • The Resurrecting Duckling: Security Issues for Ad-hoc Wireless Networks, by Frank Stajano and Ross Anderson
  • Kenton
    Mon Dec 06
  • Wed Dec 08 Project Presentations