Jason Campbell
CMU Robotics Institute

Office: NSH 3124 or the Intel Lablet at 417 South Craig Street
Phone: (412) 605-1401

I recently began work at the CMU Robotics Institute and the nearby Intel Research Pittsburgh Lablet on extending the capabilities of sensor networks through the use of autonomous robotics. At CMU I work closely with Illah Nourbakhsh, among others. At Intel I work closely with Rahul Sukthankar, among others. My research interests include autonomous robotics, distributed systems, sensor networks, and visual navigation.

My personal homepage is at www.jasonc.com.

Recent Work
Basic Navigation via Optical Flow (November 2003)

As a warm-up exercise in advance of more substantial research, and as a demo for the Intel Lablet's November 2003 open house, Rahul Sukthankar, Illah Nourbakhsh, and I implemented visual odometry and obstacle avoidance capabilities on a camera-equipped Palm Pilot Robot Kit. We demonstrated: All of these were implemented via optical flow information derived from a single robot-mounted webcam. No encoders were available on the robot, and no other sensors were used. A poster and two videos demonstrating precipice detection and distance measurement are available.

Automatic Stitching of Multiple, Oblique Camera Views (November 2003)

Also as a demo for the Intel Lablet's November 2003 open house, Yan Ke, Rahul Sukthankar, and I implemented a demo of new keypoint-matching improvements developed by Yan and Rahul. In this demo we show four uncalibrated cameras viewing a common scene. Common keypoints are extracted from any camera overlap and used to define corresponding intercamera homographies, and then those homographies are used to stitch together a single mosaic containing all the camera views. The demo runs is near real-time, with an update latency of approximately 10-15 seconds.

The poster and photos of the demo will be available shortly.