Hunting the SNARK with JavaScript
What's new with SNARK?

If you surf the web with Netscape 2.0, you can use JavaScript to put a handy, compact search engine interface ("SNARK") on your home page.

Why, here's a SNARK now:

Note that if you leave the query field blank, pressing "GO" will take you to that search engine's home page.

To capture a SNARK for yourself, just save this document's HTML source, clip out the <SCRIPT>...</SCRIPT> section in the middle, and paste it into your own home page.

It's easy to customize your SNARK's list of search engines. Inside the script, each engine is added with a command like this:
   Add("the Web: Yahoo!",
       "" );
The four components of an engine are its name, an option string (usually empty), its home page, and its search URL. To find an engine's search URL, manually use that engine to perform a search for the special string "hunting the snark". If the URL of the search results document contains the string hunting+the+snark, then this engine can be added to your SNARK following the example above.
SNARK was picked as June 1996's JavaScript of the Month by BoardWatch Magazine!

Other questions/suggestions? First check the SNARK FAQ, then email

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