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I am starting to collected step-by-step answers to accomplishing tasks that are far harder than they should be. The first one is a complete how to for connecting up Microsoft Visual C++ to Symantec Visual Cafe Java via native calls. This list will only grow. If it helps you, let me know!

How To

How to put a simple, inexpensive vision system on your hobby robot

How to make your Nomad Scout wireless cheap and how to test it

How to use Images and do Image Processing in Java

How to print images in Java

How to write native JNI code in Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 and have it talk successfully to Symantec Visual Cafe for Java 1.1

A manual from Sun on writing java native code in C and C++

How to get Java to refresh your graphics properly

How to solve the Halting Problem (by doing a fork, trying out the dangerous function in the child process, and killing it if it takes too long to run)

How to rename and reNetworkize a Nomadic Technologies XR4000 mobile robot

How to make a Meteor framegrabber work with the Nomadic Technologies XR4000 robot running Linux

How to make your Toshiba laptop that has a Ethernet PCMCIA Card from 3Com work again when you install more software

How to reduce the bass on your Bose Wave radio when you try to listen to news

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