16-467: Human-Robot Interaction
Homework Assignments
Spring 2016

You will be divided into small groups (~4 people) to work on the homeworks and project collaboratively. Nominally, the groups will stay the same over the course of the semester. If you have problems working within your group, please contact the course instructors. There will also be occasional "mini-projects," which you will need to do on your own and that will count towards the class participation portion of your grade.

All homeworks and the term project include presentations and writing, as specified by each assignments. The term project will have a major writeup which should be about 10 pages. Each group should submit a single writeup, and all group members should contribute equally to the writeups (along, of course, to solving the homework problems, themselves). Each homework will also have short (15 minute, maximum) presentations by each group, with slides, followed by a discussion period, which will count towards the grade for that assignment. The term project will have a 20 minute presentation for each group, and should include slides.

Late Policy

All homeworks and the term project are due at 1:20pm (end of class) on the given due dates. Any late project will be penalized at 10% per each 24 hours overdue.


April 25, 2015