Walking Robots

SDR-4X (Sony)

(Sony, ZDNet, impress)

Honda P3 at Yume Tech (Dream Tech. Exhibition in Tokyo)

You can find the originals by Dr. Matsumoto here (in Japanese). All conversations are in Japanese, but you should be able to get the general idea from the movie. (7/22/00)

Opening(7.4MB) Introduction(5.1MB) Exercise(2.1MB) Walking(7.7MB)
Slanting Floor(5.0MB) Single Foot(4.2MB) Stairs(8.7MB) Motion Compensation(7.3MB)
Ending(5.0MB) Photo Session(1.2MB) Packing-up(4.1MB)

ASIMO (Honda)


SDR-3X (Sony)

SDR-3X (save the .rm file, then "Open" from RealPlayer)

HOAP-1 (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.)

HOAP-1(Low-Res 600KB) HOAP-1 (1.4MB) orig HOAP-1 (985KB)

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