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The HFSC QoS kernel and a graphical user interface program have been implemented for Altq-2.0 (FreeBSD-3.3, 3.2 or 2.2.8.), NetBSD 1.2D, FreeBSD 2.2.6. The distribution includes software support for IETF intserv service models and RSVP signaling.

Altq-2.0 distribution Altq is a software package developed by Kenjiro Cho of Sony that supports alternate queueing for FreeBSD systems. H-FSC is now incorporated as one of the queueing discipline.
Download altq-2.0.

NetBSD 1.2D distribution The supported network interface cards include the 3Com Etherlink III card and the Zynx Quard Fast Ethernet card. Note that RSVP is not yet supported in this NetBSD distribution.

It is recommended that you fetch a copy of the NetBSD 1.2D kernel source tree from first. Then download our HFSC QoS kernel patch. Please read the instruction on how to apply the patch.

FreeBSD 2.2.6-R distribution

The supported network interface cards include the Zynx Quard Fast Ethernet card, the Intel EtherExpress Fast Ethernet card, and the CAIRN ATM cards (Efficient Network's ATM card [midway chipset] and Adaptec's ANA-5910/5930/5940 series). RSVP is supported in this FreeBSD distribution

Follow the instructions in the README file when you download the HFSC QoS kernel patch.

Below is a screen shot of the graphical user interface program.