The subArctic User Interface Toolkit

The subArctic User Interface Toolkit version 0.9c (Calgary release) is available for use in HCI-631. This release is compiled with JDK version 1.3 (any JDK release starting with 1.2 beta 4 should work).

The .zip file linked to below includes both source (.java) and executable (.class) for the entire toolkit. These files should be unpacked in some directory mentioned in your classpath. They will create one (large) directory named sub_arctic which contains subdirectories for each of the subArctic packages.

A .zip file with the entire toolkit can be found at:

JavaDoc for the full toolkit can be found at:

If you wish to make a local copy of the JavaDoc files they can be found in a .zip file here:

The user's manual for the system can be found at:
Note: the user's manual currently contains embedded subArctic applets. If you have trouble with these in your browser, try loading the manual with Java turned off.

A PDF copy of the manual can be found here:

Scott Hudson
Last update 9/7/00