1. Gelling, and Melting, Large Graphs by Edge Manipulation

H. Tong, B.A. Prakash, T. Eliassi-Rad, M. Faloutsos, and C. Faloutsos

CIKM 2012. (PDF) (Slides) [Best Paper Award]


2. Diversified Ranking on Large Graphs: An Optimization Viewpoint

H. Tong, J. He, Z. Wen, R. Konoru and C. Lin

KDD 2011 (PDF) (Slides)


3. Non-Negative Residual Matrix Factorization with Application to Graph Anomaly Detection

H. Tong and C. Lin

SDM 2011 (PDF) (Slides) [Invited to SAM SI on ‘Best Papers of SDM'11’]


4. On the Vulnerability of Large Graphs

H. Tong, B. A. Prakash, C. E. Tsourakakis, T. Eliassi-Rad, C. Faloutsos, D. H. Chau

ICDM 2010 (PDF) (Slides)


5. Rare Category Characterization

J. He, H. Tong, and J.G. Carbonell

ICDM 2010 (PDF) [Invited to FCS SI on ‘Best of ICDM2010’]


6. Colibri: Fast Mining of Large Static and Dynamic Graphs

H. Tong, S. Papadimitriou, J. Sun, P.S. Yu, and C. Faloutsos.

KDD 2008 (PDF) (Slides) (Code)


7. Proximity Tracking on Time-Evolving Bipartite Graphs

H. Tong, S. Papadimitriou, P. S. Yu and C. Faloutsos. 

SDM 2008 (PDF) (Slides) [Best Paper Award]


8. Fast Direction-Aware Proximity for Graph Mining 

H. Tong, Y. Koren, and C. Faloutsos.

KDD 2007 (PDF) (Slides) (Video) (Corrections)


9. Fast Best-Effort Pattern Match in Large Attributed Graphs

H. Tong, B. Gallagher, C. Faloutsos, and T. Eliassi-Rad

KDD 2007 (PDF) (Slides) (Video) (Code)


10. Center-Piece Subgraphs: Problem Definition and Fast Solutions

H. Tong and C. Faloutsos

KDD 2006 (PDF) (Slides) (Code and Data)


11. Fast Random Walk with Restart and Its Application

H. Tong, C. Faloutsos, and J.-Y. Pan

ICDM 2006 (PDF) (Slides) (Code) [Best Research Paper Award]