Harsha Vardhan Simhadri

Postdoctoral Fellow
Computer Science Department
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Contact: harshas@lbl.gov

I am interested in the theoretical and practical aspects of parallel computing.
I work on parallel and I/O-efficient algorithms for large data sets, and
programming abstractions and systems with an emphasis on scheduling for locality.


Program-Centric Cost Models for Locality and Parallelism

Publications (DBLP)

Position Paper

Teaching Assistant

  • 15-750: Graduate Algorithms (Spring 2011)
  • 15-499: Parallel Algorithms (Spring 2009)

2007-2013: Ph.D., CS Department, Carnegie Mellon University, Advisor: Guy Blelloch
2003-2007: B.Tech, IIT Madras, Major: CS, Minor: Physics.