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7 Future Work

Future work for this paper includes studying of the application's behavior on WAN, since the experiment in this paper is only carried out on the LAN testbed.

We shall also investigate techniques to get better estimation and prediction of available network bandwidth. People have already started looking at this problem. [2,12,13] mention some models to do this work. But they all have some limitations in terms of implementation. Accurate and realistic tools to estimate available bandwidth need more work. The improved model discussed in this paper (formula (6) and Fig. 13) actually provides a way to estimate the available bandwidth, but we need to solve some difficult problems before making this model practical, as discussed in Section 4.2.

Another important future work is to make more complete usage of the compression algorithm. The compression algorithm used in this paper, gzip, is actually a sophisticated compression algorithm, which allows application to change its compression ratio dynamically. It will improve the application's adaptation ability to network services changes.

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