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Network Aware Data Transmission with Compression

Ningning Hu 1
Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University

Abstract Network aware application can achieve better performance by dynamically adapting to network service changes. The key question for network aware application development is how to obtain information about the performance of different system module. In this paper, we consider an important category of network aware application - Compressed Data Transmission. Compression can reduce network transmission time by reducing the size of data to be transmitted, but on the other hand it increases local processing overhead. The tradeoff between increased network processing and decreased local processing is critical to application's decision on how to transfer data. In this paper, we present our model to make such decision and discuss the methods of detecting network resources and predicting compression performance parameters. Experimental data on local testbed is presented to evaluate our methodology. We also discuss an improved model on how to deal with the overlap between network transmission and local processing, which has the potential to improve the application performance.

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